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May 11 '12



you are absoLUTELY not ready for this jelly so just go away before it hurts you bro


SRSLY THOUGH do you see how I am shaped???  To every fucker who told me that a ~*~genderqueer body~*~ is a super skinny flat-chested flat-butt body… do you not see this??  Do you not see my dad’s big strong surfer’s muscles running along my biceps?  Do you not see my mother’s big broad shoulders?  Do you not see my grandmother’s tiny waist?  And my grandpa’s big round belly?  Do you not see my mother’s insane hips?  Do you not see my aunt’s calf muscles and my uncles short knobby legs? 

Do you not see the wonderfully awkward and also seamless cut and paste of all of the men and women in my family that this body is?  My body is a delectable genderfucking sculpture and if you are missing the point you are missing out so hard.

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