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Jun 26 '12


Just stumbled across this old (about a year or so?) song, so I uploaded it for y’all <3


It slips beneath your fingernails, like your lover’s skin
And you’ve got stories you’d like to tell but you’re not sure where to begin
And I wrote myself a letter once, it was of course an apology
And I felt scars taking leave as I signed, sincerely me

But I don’t keep those awful memories
I just find myself a sweet summer breeze and
Open my mouth and sing them towards the sea
Careful that I don’t get them stuck in my teeth

Well I want to write of pretty things like the way your hair curls,
But mostly I just write to survive it’s nothing personal
But you should know you’ve a freckle I’ve kissed a thousand times
That I’d like to kiss a thousand more, that is if you don’t mind

You are a precious melody
I sing as I wake, I sing as I sleep
Lying my bed you’re so beautiful baby
I’ve got to be careful to remember to breath, breath…

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