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Jul 3 '12












I Am Free - Willow Smith

Interesting change for the young artist.  Interesting message, overall I like the change in dynamic.

I really like this. I REALLY do.


what i don’t get is why people want to hate on her so much, or question her parents, her dress, her hair, etc.

i mean, look at her. look at how happy she is. look at how beautiful she is. look at her. isn’t this what we want for our children? isn’t this is what we wanted *as* children? is that what we want for our young Black women? our daughters, our sisters? isn’t this what we fight for? to be heard, to be open, to be honest?

to be free?

I feel like she was channeling Alanis. Great song. The fact that adults are quick to criticize, chastise and demean children for doing things that they couldn’t do or weren’t allowed to do is telling.

The existence of Willow Smith makes me cry with happy. 

If people want anything OTHER than this for kids, then I don’t even know. Willow Smith is awesome.

For the commentary. Willow Smith is EVERYTHING!

“Your validation is just not that important to me”

Let the church say amen chile!!!

We unfortunately live in a society where people find it easier to criticize and condemn, than to congratulate and commend. Kudos to Willow for being this aware at such a young age, and to Will & Jada for raising their children to not be susceptible to the haters. 


everytime she sings “your validation is just not that important to me” I get chills all up and down my spine.  ugh she’s just awesome.

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    How old is this girl.. 13? 14? Man, if I heard this song when I was that age, I would have wanted the lyrics tattooed on...
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    How can we be properly thankful for this child. Will & Jada are doing it right.
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    Love. This. Chick. Willow Smith - I am Me
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    love her
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