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Posts tagged gpoy

Apr 18 '14

aww blurple-lavender-pink hairs I miss you!

but my hairs cute now too so whatevs~

but that color was really magical

Apr 16 '14

2 cute 2 round 4 ever <3

Apr 16 '14

feelin so cute today : D

Apr 14 '14
Apr 12 '14

Some big cute bed head ::)

Apr 11 '14

Feeling so cute and like I just can’t believe this is actually my body

Apr 10 '14

I love my eyes :3

Apr 9 '14

more hair photos~

Apr 9 '14

~ pretty boy~

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Apr 9 '14

Dyed my hair a really lovely red brown blonde gradient. The lighting on my house is awful but it’s really pretty in person

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Apr 9 '14

Did some quick red/brown makeup in honor of my new red-brown hair.  Can’t wait to see how the color came out when my hair finally dries!

Apr 7 '14

thinking about dying my hair some kind of messy dream of pink, lavender, + white tonight. 

Apr 6 '14
Apr 4 '14
Apr 4 '14
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